Hand Sanitizer

Is Hand Sanitizer Environmentally Friendly?

The spike in hand sanitizer sales after the Covid-19 pandemic hit has many of us wondering… Just how environmentally friendly is hand sanitizer? In this article we will explore what makes hand sanitizer environmentally friendly, as well as what doesn’t.

What Makes Hand Sanitizer Green?

The ethanol or ethyl alcohol in hand sanitizer is derived from natural sources, such as corn or sugar cane. The other major ingredient in most hand sanitizers is water. Additionally, few sanitizers contain fragrances or dyes. Since both plant-based ethanol and water are considered renewable, the product can be considered green.

What Makes Hand Sanitizer Bad For The Environment?

Arguably the biggest reason hand sanitizer could be considered bad for the environment would be because of the packaging. Consider the vast number of people who are using individual size hand sanitizers. Now consider how long those bottles last before they are discarded and a new bottle is purchased. Now consider all these bottles, which are derived from plastic, biodegrading over thousands of years and eventually ending up in our oceans as microplastic. 

Is There A Certification For Environmentally Friendly Hand Sanitizer?

EcoLogo developed the standard for certifying hand sanitizers based on a combination of factors, including the use of less intrusive raw materials, a reduction of environmental hazards and an increase of product recyclability.  These include:

  • Cannot use raw materials like Quats and triclosan.
  • Must use biobased content.
  • Must be readily biodegradable.
  • Must be fragrance- and dye-free.
  • Bulk packaging is excluded.
  • Bottle size minimum is 8 fluid ounces.
  • Primary packaging must be recyclable.
  •  No secondary packaging.

Luckily our hand sanitizer kiosks feature a refillable tank! This allows managers to choose a green rated hand sanitizer to fill their kiosks with, and eliminates the need for staff members to carry a personal sized sanitizer.

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