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Can You Color Your Hand Sanitizer for the Holidays

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Christmas 8 fl. oz bottle - Merry and Bright

One of the best parts of Christmas? All the seasonal goodies! Such as flavored lattes, pretty lights, and…hand sanitizer? Generally, you may find colourless hand sanitizers in the market. But these sanitizers can be made or purchased in vibrant colours too! Yes, even for Christmas. Just bear in mind, there are specific guidelines to be followed for adding colourants such as water-soluble colours for sanitizer products.

Choosing the Right Colourant

Hand sanitizers, as the name suggests, are used to sanitize hands. The following things are to be noted while thinking about colours for hand sanitizers:

  • Hand sanitizer manufacturers must ensure that the contents of the sanitizer will not create a serious health issue in case of accidental ingestion.
  • The sanitizer formula should be non-toxic and all the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing process should be compatible with each other.
  • The colour to be included in the hand sanitizer formulation should not cause any allergies for the product users. 

Regulations For Using Colour In Hand Sanitizers

Colourants can be used in handwash or handrubs. In alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the alcohol content is 60% to 80%, so it is crucial for brands to test colourants with the formulation to ensure maximum safety. Regulatory bodies will normally have audits and formalities to check the colour used in hand sanitizer products.

How To Add Colour To Hand Sanitizers

If you are a DIY-er, you have the option of making your own hand sanitizer as stocking stuffers for your friends! To add the colouring, you have several options. One such recipe includes  aloe vera gel, 91% rubbing alcohol plus soy food coloring. Other options may include adding a coloured isopropyl alcohol.

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