Are Most Sanitizers Dye Free?

Synthetic dyes are used in hand hygiene products to offer an attractive color or to alter the color of a product deemed unattractive by manufacturers. It is estimated that there exist upwards of 1,200 different dyes used to color household products, the majority of which are known irritants or even toxins. Are most sanitizers dye free? What are the risks or benefits to these dyes?

Risks of Synthetic Dyes:

  • The bulk of colorants used in personal care products are chemically derived from petroleum. These products often contain benzidine, a known carcinogen, and can be highly toxic. Though slightly less common, there also exist many products that make use of dyes derived from “coal tar”. Coal tar is a carcinogenic liquid obtained from bituminous coal and often contains a number of toxins, including benzene, xylene, naphthalene, phenol, and creosol. Most petroleum and coal tar-derived dyes are known irritants and allergens, and dyes in each category have been linked to severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, nausea, and even cancer.
  • Certain red colors alone have been shown to, among other things, be highly carcinogenic and mutagenic, cause thyroid tumors in animals, and cause cancer in humans. Red dyes are most often found in inexpensive pink-colored soaps, and their presence can pose a particular hazard to young children.
  • Environmental Hazards: Many dyes are in fact resistant to biodegradation. They therefore can be harmful even after they leave the hands of the user, as they become water pollutants and are highly toxic to aquatic life.

Benefits of Dyes in Hand Hygiene Products

The purpose of synthetic colorants in hygiene products is entirely aesthetic. Dyes are used only to make a product appear more attractive to the consumer, and they have no functional qualities.

It is best to completely avoid artificial colorants in hand sanitizer products whenever possible. If you so desire, there are natural ways to add color to hand sanitizer that are not harmful to you or the environment. With automatic dispensers such as the Signitizer, offering a colorful hand sanitizer is truly unnecessary. Contact us at 416-640-4477 or for more information.


How Does Hand Sanitizer Help Stop Spread of Germs?

We know how vital placing readily accessible hand sanitizer stations are. But you may be wondering how, exactly, hand sanitizer works. In this article, the experts at Signitizer will delve into the magic (aka science) of hand sanitizer! As well as how to use it for best results.

1. How Hand Sanitizer Works

Hand sanitizers that contain a minimum of 70% alcohol kill bacteria and viruses by breaking down their proteins and outer membranes. Both ethyl and isopropyl alcohols are effective at killing most bacterial and viral infections. One exception is the 

2. How To Use Hand Sanitizer

While washing your hands is still the golden standard for cleanliness, hand sanitizer is a great in-between-washes solution! Begin with one or two pumps in the palm of your hand. Just like soap, hand sanitizer must be rubbed into the skin for several seconds. To use it correctly, make sure you get in between all the fingers, under the nails, and continue to rub until your hands are dry.

3. How Often Should I Apply Hand Sanitizer?

These days, hand sanitizer is being applied multiple times throughout the day. This is generally a very safe practice. We recommend applying hand sanitizer after touching high-contact surfaces, such as door handles and countertops. In the days of Coronavirus, hand sanitizer can not be over-applied.

4. How Does The Signitizer Factor In?

Luckily the Signitizer makes it easy and convenient for people to sanitize their hands throughout the day! Not only does a visual sanitizing station offer peace of mind, but creates a better future by preventing disease. Our product is a 2-in-1 kiosk that combines an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with an integrated Android tablet. This means you can offer hand sanitizer to employees or customers, display important communications like COVID-19 protocols, and even conduct surveys on the touchscreen tablet.

The Signitizer is perfect for any business looking to be at the forefront of Public Health & Safety! Interested in procuring a Signitizer for your business? Contact us today at 416-640-4477 or


Top 5 Reasons To Use Portable Hand Sanitizers

The Covid-19 pandemic has put us all to the test, however, bacteria and germs have been terrorizing the human population for centuries. Luckily technology has afforded us a revolutionary weapon in the war against bacteria and germs: the portable hand sanitizer dispenser! Perfect for public events, restaurants, stores, offices, and schools, this cutting edge mechanism comes with a plethora of benefits for all those who come across it. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to use a portable hand sanitizer dispenser.

1. You can’t run to the restroom and wash your hands after every cough or sneeze.

Portable hand sanitizer dispensers make disinfecting more accessible; eliminating 99.9% of germs that might not otherwise be destroyed! 

2. Hand sanitizers decrease the risk of cross infection between customers and employees.

Employees often hold open doors, shake hands, accept payments, arrange displays, and more throughout their day! Having an accessible source of disinfection can greatly reduce the risk of cross transmission after these activities.

3. Portable hand sanitizers promote company-wide health.

The last thing an employer wants is a sick employee…let alone an entire department! Portable hand sanitizers greatly reduce the risk of an entire department getting sick while simultaneously promoting healthy habits. They are also an excellent option for construction job sites that lack proper cleaning facilities.

4. Encourages healthy habits.

A portable hand sanitizer in plain view is a gentle reminder to take proper care of our health and wellness. Healthy hands save lives…especially during cold and flu season!

5. Gives peace of mind.

People are hesitant to venture out these days, and for good reason! But a portable hand sanitizer is a great way to bring peace of mind to your employees and customers, and show them that you care about their wellbeing.

With 80% of germs being transmitted by hands, portable hand sanitizer dispensers are critical in the fight against infection. You know the benefits these devices provide, now make sure you strategically place them around your business!


The Best Location For Hand Sanitizer Stations at Your Business

From door handles to faucets, our hands touch a lot in a day – but did you know that nearly 80% of infections are transmitted by hands (CDC)? Strategically placing hand sanitizer throughout your business is a great option for lowering the risk of hand transmission, while also encouraging your employees and clients that their health is important to you. Let’s take a look at some of the high traffic areas that make the best locations for hand sanitizer stations.


Within a few hours, a single doorknob can spread a virus throughout the entire office. Keeping hand sanitizer within easy access to these areas, as well as regularly cleaning handles, buttons, and light switches, will help lessen the potential spread of germs.


Think of all the objects you come into contact with within this single room. Coffee pots, sink faucets, refrigerator doors, the microwave… Break rooms can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so it is vital to keep an accessible hand sanitizer, or two, available.


Hand sanitizer in the restroom is a great option for reducing the waste of paper towels as door handle barriers. It’s also a strategic location for those of us who may be in a rush out the door and forgot to wash our hands.


Perhaps it’s time to go over the annual benefits, or you have a really important meeting with a huge client. Whatever the reason, conference and meeting rooms tend to get packed with people, oftentimes with a handshake to preface the meeting. Having multiple hand sanitizers available on the conference table will ensure pleasantries can be exchanged and germs can be contained.


With the exchange of money and high turnover of people, having hand sanitizer readily available at checkout will help prevent the spread of any germs.

It is also important to choose a hand sanitizer that is suitable for everyone and tackles as many threats as possible. Choose a 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer without dyes or perfumes to prevent skin irritations and effective.

By strategically placing your Signitizer hand sanitizer dispenser around your business, you will effectively sanitize while gently advertising your brand. If you are interested in ordering your Signitizer today, contact our team at 416-640-4477 or