How Does Hand Sanitizer Help Stop Spread of Germs?

In this article, the experts at Signitizer will delve into the magic (aka science) of hand sanitizer!

We know how vital placing readily accessible hand sanitizer stations are. But you may be wondering how, exactly, hand sanitizer works. In this article, the experts at Signitizer will delve into the magic (aka science) of hand sanitizer! As well as how to use it for best results.

1. How Hand Sanitizer Works

Hand sanitizers that contain a minimum of 70% alcohol kill bacteria and viruses by breaking down their proteins and outer membranes. Both ethyl and isopropyl alcohols are effective at killing most bacterial and viral infections. One exception is the 

2. How To Use Hand Sanitizer

While washing your hands is still the golden standard for cleanliness, hand sanitizer is a great in-between-washes solution! Begin with one or two pumps in the palm of your hand. Just like soap, hand sanitizer must be rubbed into the skin for several seconds. To use it correctly, make sure you get in between all the fingers, under the nails, and continue to rub until your hands are dry.

3. How Often Should I Apply Hand Sanitizer?

These days, hand sanitizer is being applied multiple times throughout the day. This is generally a very safe practice. We recommend applying hand sanitizer after touching high-contact surfaces, such as door handles and countertops. In the days of Coronavirus, hand sanitizer can not be over-applied.

4. How Does The Signitizer Factor In?

Luckily the Signitizer makes it easy and convenient for people to sanitize their hands throughout the day! Not only does a visual sanitizing station offer peace of mind, but creates a better future by preventing disease. Our product is a 2-in-1 kiosk that combines an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with an integrated Android tablet. This means you can offer hand sanitizer to employees or customers, display important communications like COVID-19 protocols, and even conduct surveys on the touchscreen tablet.

The Signitizer is perfect for any business looking to be at the forefront of Public Health & Safety! Interested in procuring a Signitizer for your business? Contact us today at 416-640-4477 or